Marketing Funnels

Do you want to attract Prospects, move them from Strangers, to Subscribers, to Customers, to Repeat Buyers and Raving Fans?

Digital Marketing Funnel

All the traffic in the world doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t get you leads and new customers. My online marketing strategies are designed for converting visitors into leads and those leads into customers.

I will create a marketing funnel that will get you traffic and deliver a steady flow of ‘qualified’ leads, so you can take it from there!

Let me help you get in front of your prospective customers wherever they are online. It is my goal to grow your sales and increase your customer base through various online marketing strategies that are affordable and effective:

  1. Identifying your ideal prospect
  2. Positioning the prospect’s problem (not the product!)
  3. Locating your ideal audience
  4. Attracting your ideal audience
  5. Capturing their email
  6. Building trust and nurture
  7. Converting to a sale

“Rebecca is a life-saver! She is not only amazing at funnels, technology, and strategy, but she has been so fast and efficient in getting things done RIGHT which is something I was missing before (just winging it and throwing stuff together) that held my income and growth back.

She has set up automated funnels for me that produce the passive income I have been wanting for a long time and has got my entire membership site completed and creating income as well.

She also does all my website stuff and maintenance so that I can focus on coaching my clients – I haven’t had to touch tech stuff since I’ve hired her!!”

Ann Strout –

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