Hello, I'm Rebecca!

I’m the founder of Highlands Marketing, a digital marketing and web design agency that helps crazy-busy small business owners and entrepreneurs like you! 

If you are looking to build a brand new website, improve an existing website, hire a marketing agency or simply do-it-yourself, you'll find a course or service that will fit your unique business needs.


I grew up in Shabbona, IL, a small town located in Northern Illinois. When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was work at McDonalds... and I did, even went to Hamburger University. Shortly after high school, I worked as a 911 dispatcher for six years (until my first son was born). He was a 3lb premie and required my attention, so motherhood took priority. When I went back to work I took various secretary jobs and eventually landed a job as the Project Manager for eCommerce websites! After my fifth child (YES! I have 5 kids), I decided it was time to start my own business and work from home! And so my story continues....


I was programming, designing and maintaining Wordpress and Magento websites for a handful of clients, when my teenagers began talking about this thing called Facebook.  After spending a few weeks on Facebook, I was hooked. I even entered a Facebook contest to win one (1) ton of candy from Walgreens and Hershey's. After winning the contest,  I became obsessed with learning everything I could related to building a successful online businesses using websites + social media platforms. I’ve personally taken 50+ courses, attended hundreds of webinars, and watched over 10,000 hours of training videos to stay current. To this day, I still personally participate and listen to podcasts, webinars and courses on a daily basis.

For a few years, I was an adjunct professor for two local colleges, teaching students and entrepreneurs how to use and maintain social media platforms for business. 

In May 2016, I earned the  Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) designation from Digital Marketer. The CDMP program focused on strategic digital marketing using the 8 critical core disciplines: conversion funnels, content marketing, customer acquisition, email marketing, social media, search marketing, data & analytics and testing & optimization.

To this day, I still do all the work! Occasionally, I have a team that helps on larger projects, but 90% of the projects are done by me! I enjoy keeping my skills up-to-date, so you'll still find me programming, creating graphics, writing content, creating online ads, reviewing data, creating reports and more! I truly believe that is what helps me stand out from my competition. I grew up in a small town and I love treating my clients like they are my next door neighbor. You'll receive personalized attention from me throughout your entire project!

I would like to spend some time with you! Let's set-up a time to chat so we can review your website and digital marketing needs and goals. 

Rebecca is unlike anyone I've ever met. In a short period of time, she turned my business and life into something I never new I could have. I LOVE IT!  Her vast knowledge of digital marketing, eCommerce and general online business coupled with her incredible organizational skills is unparalleled by anyone I've ever met.

by Sue Callison, Solidea Medical


I want to help you build, grow and scale your business! I personally invite you to get started by joining my Facebook group, Social Commerce Club. Inside this Facebook group, I openly share my systems and processes, tips, and tools so that you can become a rockstar in your niche. As a member of the group, you'll be the first hear about new courses, workshops and webinars. This group is free to join and open to anyone who is willing to learn and share. Hope to see you inside! ~ Rebecca


Rebecca Wardlow is a Certified Digital Marketing Professional with over 18 years of experience in the field. In 2012, Rebecca walked away from her full-time job to start her own consulting business and has never looked back. She has since turned her business into a 6-figure marketing & web agency, specializing in helping small businesses bring their products and services to the world using social commerce tactics. 

Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP)

Highlands Marketing is uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses develop and execute a sustainable and comprehensive digital marketing program.

To earn this designation Rebecca Wardlow complete eight advanced online courses (totaling 43 modules with 419 video lessons) and pass 34 quizzes, 8 exams and a specialized comprehensive final exam and final project that tests on the full spectrum of full-funnel marketing methods.

eCommerce Marketing Specialist

Highlands Marketing is uniquely qualified to help businesses optimize any e-commerce store, in any industry, to generate more sales and profit. From e-commerce store design and architecture to email marketing and traffic generation, this masterclass contains everything needed to compete in today’s e-commerce landscape.

Customer Value Optimization Specialist

Highlands Marketing is uniquely qualified to help businesses architect a “conversion funnel” that reduces initial customer acquisition costs, while simultaneously increasing both immediate and lifetime customer values. In short, while most businesses have some sort of “funnel” for on-boarding leads and converting those leads into customers, Customer Value Optimization Specialists are able to plug the “leaks” and deliver a truly OPTIMIZED conversion.


Highlands Marketing is uniquely qualified to build your brand’s authority and nurture prospect/customer relationships the right way, you must deliver “value in advance.” And content (i.e. information/entertainment) is how you do just that. We craft and execute a content strategy that spreads a brand’s message to new audiences and existing prospects, alike, by providing genuine value in advance.


Highlands Marketing is uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses leverage social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.  In short, a certified Social & Community Manager is capable of leveraging all four stages of social media success: Social Listening, Social Influencing, Social Networking and Social Selling.


Highlands Marketing is uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses leverage paid traffic channels such Google, Facebook and other demand-gen platforms to grow their customer base without breaking the bank. In short, Customer Acquisition Specialists are able to not only deliver fresh leads and customers…they are able to deliver those leads and customers at a PROFIT.


Highlands Marketing is uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses develop a repeatable optimization process to increase conversions in their sales funnel, landing pages, and key conversion pages. In short, Optimization & Testing Specialists are able to diagnose site problems and test new solutions that increase PROFITS for traffic you ALREADY HAVE.


Highlands Marketing is  uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses leverage email marketing and followup to indoctrinate, create relationships with and convert prospects and existing customers.  In short, Email Marketing Specialists are able to not only effectively follow up with fresh leads and customers…they know how to craft email campaigns that get delivered, get opened, and most importantly...get clicked.


Highlands Marketing is  uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses develop and execute a sustainable search marketing program. They are trained to identify and capitalize on search demand from platforms like Google, Amazon, YouTube and iTunes. The methods they have been taught are within the terms of service of these platforms.


Highlands Marketing has the necessary skills to track and analyze the metrics that matter to businesses at all stages, from content marketing and paid traffic strategies to website and funnel performance. We focus on analytical skills necessary to turn data into action, helping businesses get more leads and sales. In short, Analytics & Data specialists are able to make marketing decisions based on meaningful data, not hopeful hunches.